Mirror! Mirror!
on the wall, who will be
the next princess of all?

Our Princess Ada

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Roadmap to an Inspiring Story

  • Mid Q2 - Early Q3

    The public mint of Our Princess Ada, allocation of funds for branding "Our Princess Ada" CNFT project and start of frontend design of our NFT Marketplace for Music, 20% shares of the NFT marketplace for music gets allocated for Our Princess Ada NFT holders (Profits from these shares will be later shared in a work-to-earn distribution mechanism).

  • Mid-Late Q3

    The release of the front-end prototype of the marketplace with different kinds of sneak peeks, Public mint of the Companion NFT for farming native tokens for the marketplace. All Our Princess Ada holders will be airdropped a companion NFT as a gift and they will be able to farm the native tokens. Allocation of the native tokens for the farm will be around 40% of the total supply, intensive branding of Our Princess Ada continues.

  • Early Q4

    Possible native token IDO or IFO or ISPO, token allocation will be very limited and less than what the Companion CNFT can generate.

  • Early-Mid Q4

    Farming starts for the Companion CNFTs, sneak peeks into the NFT marketplace. Intensive branding of Our Princess Ada continues.

  • Late Q4

    Beta release of the NFT marketplace for Music!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Presale mint date is June 22nd from 4.20 pm UTC - WL mint and June 23rd from 6.30 pm Public mint.

Presale price : 100 Ada and Supply : 350 pieces

Yes, even though rarities will not have an effect on the base utility of the NFTs but “Our Princess Ada” NFTs are diverse, first classification is on the basis of which era these princesses are from. We will have a total of 10 eras and then each princess from each era will have their own uniqueness and rarities.

Yes, to make our project more interesting and to create a beautiful connection with our future NFT Marketplace for Music, we will add vibing music but to only 100 princesses, This makes these 100 princesses rarer but will not have an effect or will not be more prioritized utility wise.

Well, we need to allocate funds to build our marketplace and the whole ecosystem, minting NFTs and selling publicly helps us allocate fund through crowd funding and create a community-driven project!

Most people recognize NFTs as only artwork but actually, NFTs don’t have anything to do with artworks, NFT means non-fungible tokens, it is non-interchangeable data stored in the blockchain. We have found an emerging and growing niche which is the Music NFT, but there is no NFT marketplace on the Cardano blockchain that's only dedicated for musicians/creatives/singers and so we want to be the first movers into the marketplace on the Cardano blockchain and tap into that rising sector.

Our first plan was to build on the Solana blockchain, but due to recent surges of hacking issues and Solana feels much more centralized than Cardano. So we have decided to build on the Cardano Blockchain because it has good principles of creating a decentralized society and focuses on well-researched technology more than any other blockchain, and also transactions fees are very low! Even though Cardano is taking the time needed to provide more developer-friendly tools to build on top of it, we like to believe we are on the right track and Cardano is a perfect choice.

Holders of "Our Princess Ada" NFT will receive the following utilities-
1.20% of profits of NFT Marketplace for Music will be shared with all holders in a unique work-to-earn distributing mechanism.
2. 1:1 airdrop of the Companion NFT( second NFT launch) to all holders. ( The second NFTs will be used to mint 40% of our total token supply) (check out the tokenomics in our #RoyalPaper👑
3. Exclusive giveaways and entries( e.g. tickets to metaverse concerts, raffle tickets, etc)
4. Participating in different polls.
5. Getting the most VIP access to our whole ecosystem.

20% of Profits generated from the NFT marketplace for Music will be shared with the holders in this method. We will create a work contract and each holder will sign with their wallet and receive their salary.
Base salary will be calculated with the following formula-
Salary = ((Revenue - loss)x 0.20)/1000

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Valuing and prioritizing the community that we are establishing comes first. There will be numerous community-first events in which both holders and non-holders can participate and become a part of something incredible as it is! Become part of a culturally active community!